Kitty R. and Sir Last take the night bus to the rainforest. Wild nature, animals and human lake.

Kitty R.

Night. The gentleman who unexpectedly every now and again gives them treats (rolls with nothing-like paste, soy milk with black sesame seeds, peanuts in coffee coating, carrot-unknown juice…) suddenly pokes Kitty in her shoulder. The bus stops. Kitty R. and Sir Last get off. The bus leaves. They are alone, bathed in the complete darkness. There is not even a shadow of life or memories of light. They are in the jungle and they can not see anything.


Kitty R. lands in Southeast Asia. For the first time. With one way ticket.

Kitty R.

Kitty R. and Sir Last land in South East Asia. It’s their first time here. With one way ticket. Leaving the airport they intensively catch new smells. The humidity and heat of Bangkok’s air brings a new hint of river mud. Within just a few hours after landing, they tick off their first tuk tuk ride, bus ride (wooden floor love) with no ticket (the driver doesn’t know how to help them with directions and map, so doesn’t take any money for the ride), mosquito bites and food marked as ‘I have no idea what I’m eating’.


About sleeping on the dunes and in the middle of nowhere.

Kitty R.

Kitty R. and Grandpa T. hitch hike pleasantly from Marakesh to Essaouira. The driver offers them delicious bread made by his mum and a place to sleep in his car when the night comes, but Kitty R. and Grandpa T. have other plans. By sunrise they reach Essaouira, where they treat themselves with an awesome mix of fried no-name fishes. They share their food with some street cats, which eat given snips in a lazy and unwillingly way (in this town such a fishy treat must be an _overboard_ for everyone).