Date palm grove.

Kitty R. and Grandpa T. sleep in a date palm grove and the next day they experience crazy ride through Atlas Mountains.

Kitty R.

Kitty R. and Grandpa T. sleep in the wild, in the middle of a date palm grove. Kitty R. is significantly afraid of the giant African ants coming everywhere from nowhere. Nevertheless she bravely heats up the milk on the fire and soon after she blissfully falls asleep while looking into Saharian constellations…


After a morning kilo of tangerines and scrambled eggs Kitty and Grandpa decide to change their travel direction within 180 degrees (they cross to the other side of the road).

After just a second they catch a lift with a Pearl Driver*. (in general Kitty is totally hypnotized by sparkles and toughness in Berbers eyes). The driver claims he is an electrician, but for Kitty R. he is the master of race driving. The crazy ride through the High Atlas gives Kitty a terrified rabbit’s pace of a heartbeat, multiple visions of death and awesome joy overall. At the height of 2160m she reminds herself about the existence of winter (she even throws Grandpa T. a snowball), and soon after she rubs her eyes in disbelief, as it was like someone painted the mountains with crayons (?!).

The last driver of that day gives them cash and hash. Welcome to Marrakesh.

- Grandpa, that was awesome!

- When Kitty?

- Now Grandpa! I already remind myself…)


*Pearl Driver – top 10 in Kitty’s hitchhiking experiences



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