Kitty R. in France, part I

Kitty R.

Kitty R.goes to France to experience delicious food, discover the story of the Devil and find out the weirdest handles ever! It’s the first part of her french adventures. [TURN ON SUBTITLES] In the next episode she visits French Pyrenees and discovers that … Fat is Life.

ASIA by Kitty R.

A short movie about Southeast Asia through Kitty's eyes.

Kitty R.

Today no text, just a piece of hard work and the combination of true passions: travelling and video editing. Enjoy and … do you like it? PS. Kitty recommends to watch with headphones and with full HD.


Kitty R., although she came from Asia to her own hometown, still feels that she is on the go. She’s here only for a few weeks and still packed in the same backpack as for the last 8 months.

Kitty R.

Warsaw. This is where Kitty R. was born and brought up. It is the capital city, yet she spent her childhood in a converted stable, where in the yard there was a dog on a chain and three greenhouses around (with cucumber, primosus and lilies). To this day, she loves the fact that her childhood was based on the combination of the big city and the village at the same time.


About morning explosions, beautiful trips among swans, Kitty’s favourite town and generally unusual attractions in Poland.

Kitty R.

Kitty R. and Sir Last say goodbye to Southeast Asia and fly to Europe. Over the next weeks, Kitty R. experience real food porn, mainly thanks to lush raspberries, strawberries and tomatoes! She is also delighted with the cool summer air that she catches greedily (Dear Asia, do you know how deep you can breathe when the air is not steamy and hot and that the brain works at high speed not only in an air conditioned environment?


Draft notes on what to pack on your trip to Asia (Kitty’s tips) and her way to discover new things (Muay Thai among Young People).

Kitty R.

Kitty R. recommends. When travelling to Southeast Asia, you should pack as if you were going to the beach, thus take: sunscreen and a book. The reason for the first one is that sunscreen and tanning oils are much more expensive here and usually they whiten the skin. As for the book, do not panic, it is not about carrying it around, but it’s about reading it (sic!). You can do it, for example,while rocking in a hammock, and when you finish reading, without a problem, you can exchange such a book in the next hostel for a new one and read it and then replace it in the next hostel and … In other words, take the book on a journey to get involved in the mobile, awesome travel library in which you never pay penalties for over keeping, and that’s a deal!


About monsoon's influence on Kitty's life.

Kitty R.

The barmaid asks: - What are you up to today Kitty? - Well, again I will look at rice fields surrounded by the mountains and I will observe how the clouds of steam float over the rainforest. Also I plan to listen to cicadas, the croaking of frogs and birds singing. - Great! And what sounds does your city make? - In Warsaw, in the summer time, playing children can be heard in the backyards, sometimes you can hear the sound of passing trams, and from my roof in the evenings you can hear the sounds from the nearby Zoo Park*.


About sensory overload, One Day in Chiang Mai.

Kitty R.

Dear Reader, Have you ever wondered how many things and emotions you can experience in just one day? Have you ever felt sensory overload? That’s what Kitty R. feels while travelling; so many things, emotions, details, happening around her all the time! Chiang Mai in Thailand is a great example of that feeling, that’s why instead of writing today, she has decided to present you One Day in this town.


About tigers, elephants and ethnic groups; Thai attractions by Kitty's eye.

Kitty R.

  • What did you do today Kitty R.? Do you recommend any attractions?
  • Well … I haven’t done anything special. I walked around, I looked, I lied down, I took pictures. Nice day. Attractions. Kitty R. looks at the piles of leaflets in the hostel’s vestibule. Tigers. You can come and take a selfie with them, the price depends on the size, age and color of the tiger. A controversial place, that divides internet society into two opposite groups by the question: do they drug / abuse the tigers there or not?


About being full of love, accepting death and assimilating new norms. Here and Now. Oh, and how Kitty R. almost gets hit by a lightning.

Kitty R.

It is time to part with the Pumpkins; Y. moves to the South (Cambodia), L. heads to the North (China), Kitty R. and Sir Last move to the West (towards Thailand). Warning. Today’s post will strongly sound like a Kitty Coelho thingy, that is, full of philosophical clichés about what a journey means to her. She has promised to write about it, you know… After all Kitty R., does not force anyone to read it; for example, you can immediately jump to the video below and thus tick off the whole thing.


New Year in Laos, i.e. wet, wetter, the wettest! The verification of stereotypes on the go and a bit about the truth of blogging vs. reality.

Kitty R.

Kitty R. continues the river wandering through Laos, that is, she flows with the Mekong River to another small town - Nong Khiaw. All this is still happening with the good company of Sir Last, Y. and L., constantly wonderful people, with whom time passes lazily, without social compulsions or unnecessary small talk. They call themselves Pumpkins due to the few-day worship of the local homemade pumpkin soup. Sir Last asks the waitress: ‘I’m sorry, the spring rolls in Lao style, what does that mean?