United Kingdom

Lake District [video and photos]

A story about frienship in Lake District

Kitty R.

An irreverant amble through towns both popular and obscure in the North of England. Also, we take a closer look to the difference between hiking and laughing in the Lake District. As a bonus: Aga teaches the cobra pose! Thank you Girls! :)

Lake Wasdale Lake Distrcit, somewhere. Lake Windermere The symbol of Industrial Revolution in Telford

Pandemic holiday in UK

No description needed. Just wishing you all the best local discoveries! Also, it was fun to make a video after a longer break. (St. Ives, Porthcurno areas, Dartmoor)

Kitty R.

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Kitty R.

In my homeland Pride is far from being just a celebration. It is not peacaful. This video is to bring hope to all Polish, that it is possible to have a Pride with no fear and no fights. LGBT is not ideology. It’s people.