Draft notes on what to pack on your trip to Asia (Kitty’s tips) and her way to discover new things (Muay Thai among Young People).

Kitty R.

Kitty R. recommends. When travelling to Southeast Asia, you should pack as if you were going to the beach, thus take: sunscreen and a book. The reason for the first one is that sunscreen and tanning oils are much more expensive here and usually they whiten the skin. As for the book, do not panic, it is not about carrying it around, but it’s about reading it (sic!). You can do it, for example,while rocking in a hammock, and when you finish reading, without a problem, you can exchange such a book in the next hostel for a new one and read it and then replace it in the next hostel and … In other words, take the book on a journey to get involved in the mobile, awesome travel library in which you never pay penalties for over keeping, and that’s a deal!